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Demand Is High for People with Accredited Dental Assistant Training

Demand Is High for People with Accredited Dental Assistant Training

If you’ve been thinking about finding a new career, it might be a great time for you to consider accredited dental assistant training! Dental assistants are in high demand, yet it’s one of the easiest areas of medicine to get into in New York. With entry level salaries starting around $30k and plenty of opportunities for personal growth and advancement, this is a great career for someone looking for a new start.

Dental assistants bridge the gap between nurses and administrators. A dental assistant may be called on to do a wide variety of support tasks alongside dentists during their patient appointments, and they may do some front or back-office work as well. This versatility is one of the reasons they’re in high demand, but it’s not the only reason.

4 Great Reasons to Consider Accredited Dental Assistant Training

  1. More dentists means more demand

More and more people are choosing to become dentists, with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasting dental practices to grow 20% faster than the average profession.  So, whenever a new office opens up, that dentist is bound to want one or more dental assistants to supplement their staff. This is creating a booming economy for assistants.

  1. More medically focused patients

Of course, business openings are driven by demand – and patients are demanding more dental care. Well-educated Internet-savvy patients are aware of the link between oral health and bodily health and are increasingly seeing dentists as true medical service providers and not just those guys who clean teeth. So, these savvy patients are one of the main factors driving demand, as well as encouraging dentists to hire multi-talented professionals for their staff.

  1. More older patients

Another patient-side factor driving demand for dental assistants is the growth in America’s elderly population. Older people have more dental problems and are more likely to go to dentists to have them fixed. So, the demand for competent staff is fueled by that dynamic.

  1. Increasingly complicated technology

Finally, there’s also the influx of high-tech instrumentation and machinery into modern dentists’ offices. Often, these machines require more than one person to operate. Dental assistants are the perfect option here. They work the machine, while the dentist does the in-mouth work.

Contact the Westchester School for Dental Assistants To Get Started

In short, if you have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED, then dental assistant school is a vibrant path for your continuing education.   Our accredited dental assistant program includes 400 hours of in-class instruction and 200 hours of training in work environments. Our externship provides on the job training that exposes candidates first hand to what it is like working full time or part time in dental offices and other medical facilities. Contact us to find out more about admissions and financial aid.



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