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Four Great Sources of Dental Assistant School Financial Aid

Four Great Sources of Dental Assistant School Financial Aid

Are you interested in becoming a dental assistant, but worried about the costs? Don’t worry – there’s a good chance you can find a source of dental assistant school financial aid! Even trade schools have plenty of options for financial assistance, and when they often only cost a few thousand dollars, you don’t have to worry about paying it off for the rest of your life. Grants and scholarships can replace or supplement student loans.

We’re happy to help our students look for financial aid that will suit them. These are some of the sources we point them towards.

Consider Federal programs, trade associations, and minority programs

  1. Federal programs

Before doing anything else, someone needing financial assistance for dental assistant school should fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This gets you access to a huge range of federal aid programs, as well as being a requirement for applying for many types of state aid.

Depending on your financial situation, the FAFSA could be your ticket to Pell Grants, low-interest Stafford Loans, the Federal Work Study program, PLUS parent loans, and more.

  1. The American Dental Association (ADA)

Unsurprisingly, the largest dental trade group in America runs several programs to help people afford training. ADA scholarships include grants for people attending dental assistant school, with an emphasis on providing assistance to minorities. However, anyone should apply – they have a range of options.

  1. The American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA)

Yes, dental assistants have their own trade group, and ADAA scholarships are another possible way to see your school costs reduced or deferred. You’ll also want to get certified through them after you complete your training, so remember to look them up sooner or later.

  1. Minority-Focused Scholarships

There are a few options for students who are specifically from disadvantaged minority groups. The best-known is the Colgate-Palmolive Scholarship, offered through the National Dental Association Foundation. This scholarship can be given out to students of any minority ethnicity.

For those of Latin heritage, there is also the Hispanic Dental Association, which offers grants specifically aimed at helping Hispanic students move into the dental field.

The Westchester School for Dental Assistants Is Accepting New Applications. Our program offering takes less than a year to complete. Our dental assistant training combines in-class instructions with hands on experience through externships with dental practices.

We want to make it as easy as possible for students from all backgrounds to achieve their goals and become professional dental assistants. If you need financial assistance, we’ll do whatever we can to help. Contact us to learn more!


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